Managed Services allow you to delegate responsibility of your IT infrastructure, in part or in full, to us.

Managed IT Services

Our industry leading proactive Managed IT Services program gives you the benefits of a Managed IT services provider (MSP) team to handle your relationship for all your software and hardware needs while removing the expense of doing it all in-house.

IT Help Desk Support Services

Allied IT offers desktop support services from diagnosing, repairing and upgrading your PC, to migrating data between computers, to configuring and troubleshooting and maintaining business applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and Office 365. We also specialize in IT security such as removing spyware, ransomware, malware and viruses. This allow's your employees to focus on being productive rather than dealing with annoying IT computer glitches or technical issues.

Network Management

Our team of IT experts optimize your infrastructures and to make sure your network suits your business. They intervene in a rigorous and preventive manner, allowing you the freedom to focus on your business objectives.

Our team providdes end to end network monitoring including desktops, servers, cloud infrastructure, and backups. We ensure your business operates at its maximum capability smoothly and securely.

Benefits of managed IT services for your business:

  • Access to a team of experts who find fast, efficient and permanent solutions.

  • Multi-platform assistance from our team of qualified experts in Mac or PC, or hybrid network management.

  • Less time spent on managing your IT infrastructure meaning more time spent nurturing and growing your business.

  • Proactive Managed IT Services and IT Support Services include complete network management and maintenance services that are performed efficiently and stealthily without disrupting your employees or business workflow.

  • Complete IT network management and IT Support Services reporting provides complete visibility into network health, security, and assets, allowing for budgeting of IT expenses, IT projects, and IT infrastructure upgrades.

  • We can handle all daily IT management and maintenance tasks proactively so you dont have to, including Windows updates, disk defragmentation, and disk cleanups to ensure your network is properly updated, managed, and maintained at all times..