Managed IT Services

Our team offers IT managed support to small, mid-sized and growing enterprises. From day-to-day running of operations through to long term strategies, our technical professionals ensure your IT is efficient, secure and up-to-date at all times.


Service Desk Support

Our help desk service provides 10 x 5 customer support between 8AM to 6PM, Monday through Friday. We offer a single point of contact for you to resolve problems, report incidents, and obtain.Click here to learn more about our service offerings.


Complete System Management

We help businesses- large and small- with the purchase, installation, configuration and training of business networks. This includes servers, workstations, switches and the entire LAN/WAN.Click here to learn more about our service offerings.


Software Deployment and Support

We are adept at rapidly and efficiently deploying applications and support to your business and can provide varying levels of support for different categories of software.Click here to learn more about our service offerings.


Network Monitoring and Remediation

We monitor your network to detect usability and cost issues and can provide customers with information on slow or failing components, network congestion, network failures etc. Click here to learn more about our service offerings.

About Us

We have provided IT consultancy services to numerous business owners and executives in the last 3 years. Some of the questions our consultants solve are:
How can I minimise the cost and amount of effort required to deliver on project and rescue the business from failed projects?
How can we remove time-wasting, repetitive and expensive tasks through automation?
How can we keep the business agile and responsive to market changes as it continues to grow?

Our approach to IT consulting focuses on tasks and outcomes for your business - not the time taken to perform the work. Committed to continual process improvement for the businesses we support, it is our goal to improve your profitability. We do this by ensuring our IT services enable staff to be more productive over the time they engage our services. We use a capability maturity model for assessing the state of a company's IT operations and to provide strategic direction over the coming years.

About Us